Streaming Satellite – Mobile Uplinks

Mobile video production solutions for live sports, entertainment, and news events
Our USA NATIONWIDE services include the following:HD, SD, and 3D Mobile Video Production Trucks (OB vans)
Outside Broadcast and Multi-Camera Remote Production Support
Satellite Transmission Services with Satellite Uplink Trucks (SNG)
Television Crews for Remote Video Productions and Live TV Events
Webcasting and Video Streaming of Live Events
High Definition and Standard Definition options for rent in every major city in the United States.

Typical layouts include (but are not limited to)

RF Equipment Second Gen
•Dual Path / phase combined-digital / analog KU band system fully redundant
•2.4 meter Andres antenna, 4-port feed with no restrictions
•4 MCL 450 watt amplifiers
•4 Miteq U-9696-3 upconverters
•Harris VSG-401 Test Generator
•Harris/Videotek VTM Series Test Monitor
•AJA FS1 Frame convertor
•4 Alesis iMultiMix9R analog audio mixers
•4 Tandberg Evolution 5008 HD/SD QPSK/8PSK Encoders
•4 Tandberg RX 1290 Digital HD/SD QPSK/8PSK Receivers
•2 Tiernan TE600 MPEG 2 Encoder (3rd path) 1 NDS/Standard SD IRD (3rd path)
•3 Tandberg TT4010 ASI Stream Probe
•3 TG-5120 portable Test Generator
•DirecTV H-20 receiver/auto aim dish
•Gefen DVI-HDSI Scaler
•Harris Predator II multiviewer feeding Samsung 36" HD monitor
•Harris FR-6822 HD SDI routerProduction and Editing Services
•Sony Betacam SP Edit pack: BVW-65/BVW-75
•10 GE wall mounted telephones
•10 Tellular Cellular Phones
•4 Nera Satellite Phones
•4 Telos hybrid telephone interfaces (PL)
•4 RTS Intercom Systems with 6 Telex Headsets
•8 Independent IFB Systems with 4 Studio Technologies Receivers
•Tektronix 1740A Waveform/Vectorscope
•AES Audio and HD Video patch capabilities
•Panasonic AJ-HD1200A DVC Pro Digital Recorder/Player
•All available items networked for rapid configuration changes
•WI-FI Hotspots

Satellite Transmission Services

For your next live sports back haul, news event, video news release, satellite media tour, or multi-site video conference, AMD News has all of the tools necessary to distribute your event throughout the USA and worldwide. From Ku to C band, Standard Definition (SD) to High Definition (HD), MPEG2 to MPEG4, we have nationwide availability of satellite uplink trucks, downlink dishes, and satellite space. Choose from our options below.

Uplink Trucks and Fly Away Packs
We offer a full range of transportable Ku band and C band satellite uplink trucks with HD and SD capabilities using either Tiernen and Tandberg encoding methods. These fully redundant broadcast uplink units are available in every major city throughout the United States and some even have multi-camera production capability. Each uplink truck has an on-board power generator and multiple cell phones for complete self reliance. Conditional Access encryption is also available upon request. We also offer portable satellite uplink flypacks with 1.2 to 1.4 meter dishes: perfect for the Caribbean islands or any other location where an uplink truck can not be effective.

OPTIONAL VEHICLES INCLUDE: HD Dual Path MPEG2 or MPEG4 and 1 Triple Path SD KU digital/analog trucks with fully redundant systems and no polarity restrictions. Our digital encoders can transmit to any Ericcson (Tandberg), Tiernan, or Wegner receivers. They are capable of both 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 video compression format, along with 4 channel audio.

Downlink Dishes
Nationwide availability of portable satellite downlink dishes. With either Ku or C band receivers, and HD, SDI, and analog capabilities, a professional satellite downlink technician accompanies every rental.

Satellite Space
With 36, 18, 9, 6, or 4.5 mhz digital transponders available, we have access to some of the most cost effective Ku and C band occasional-use satellite space available, and regularly provide satellite feeds to and from foreign countries.