US News and Business Report is a premier source for news coverage and news delivery services.

Our comprehensive global network of over 1400 journalists and reporters can cover any story

Releases of original content on our proprietary Wire and Newsroom feed systems
Our journalists also create original content such as straight news, analysis, editorials, and features stories and more. 

Fresh and accurate news from the field: US News and Business Report obtains articles, stories, reviews, pictures, digital media and video directly from our network of journalists and reporters out in the field. US News and Business Report utilizes reporters from small towns to large metropolitan areas. From a lone reporter taking a single picture at an event, to an entire television broadcasting production crew with a fleet of satellite trucks and support vehicles on location for a live newscast, we cover it all. 

Original content and research library: News related content, straight news, analysis, editorials, and features stories can all be found on our vast library network available to our newsroom and editor clients. With close to a million to choose from you will be sure to find exactly what you are looking for to compliment your story, fill white space or research one of your pieces.  We have over 20 parameters to search with including author, year, and specific categories. 

Custom Journalist Assignment Subcontracting

Contracted and Independent Reporting : US News and Business Report utilizes both professional and independent contributing journalists and field reporters to obtain the broadest range of coverage possible. This allows us to provide great diversity in both the selection of talent for our clients and in the articles we make available to media outlets.US News and Business Report also distributes accurate and quality content due to our extensive quality control and verification operations in place. This results are trustworthy detailed quality content. 

US News and Business Report (and AMD Reporter Network), our original content creation  arm) is ready to fulfill any publication or news entity's assignment at a fraction of the cost of sending an in-house reporter. 

From overseas news projects to local stage reviews, no assignment is to big or to small for US News and Business Report's journalists. 

Our services include a full crew compliment, on-site streaming satellite uplink hardware and mobile broadcast studios and nationally known talent.

News, Media and Streaming Content Distribution

US News and Business Report continues to be a reliable source of news, entertainment, political and event coverage across the globe. US News and Business Report distributes a myriad of content types such as current events, breaking news, service/product quality reviews, event coverage and much more. US News and Business Report has the ability to distribute this vast variety of content due to the broad spectrum of reporting and journalism content delivered to us on a daily basis. US News and Business Report also delivers this content in a timely manner to our streaming publication media and news clients. This makes our content highly coveted and valuable.

Satellite Transmission Services

For your next live sports back haul, news event, video news release, satellite media tour, or multi-site video conference, US News and Business Report has all of the tools necessary to distribute your event throughout the USA and worldwide. From Ku to C band, Standard Definition (SD) to High Definition (HD), MPEG2 to MPEG4, we have nationwide availability of satellite uplink trucks, downlink dishes, and satellite space. 

Read more..on all video, streaming truck and production services.

Media Distribution Platforms

Our internet department disseminates a wide variety of content and media as well. Distribution to a global mobile audience via a variety of platforms and aggregators including AP Mobile, Yahoo! Finance and Viigo. This includes Full Text translations in simplified-PRC Chinese and traditional Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, and Spanish.

US News and Business Report networks offer more than 127 industry segments to provide highly targeted news delivery to their relevant media outlets. US News and Business Report also provides live sports and music event coverage streaming directly to our clients. US News and Business Report also provides issue-specific services for news such as public policy, political issues and corporate social responsibility with our CSR Circuit and Public Policy Circuits. Demographic markets include Hispanic, African and Asian American.
Content Distribution Networks.

Newsroom and Editor Content Delivery Networks augment the end-to-end transport network by distributing on it a variety of intelligent applications employing techniques designed to optimize content delivery. The resulting tightly integrated overlay uses web caching, server-load balancing, request routing, and content services. These techniques are briefly described below.

US News and Business Report Webcasting Services
Get your live event on the internet with webcasting services. We will provide you with fully-managed web-based webcasting solutions.

Fiber Optic lines and Web caches store popular content on servers that have the greatest demand for the content requested. this include a vast library of AMD News's original journalist content  These shared network appliances reduce bandwidth requirements, reduce server load, and improve the client response times for content stored in the cache.

Server-load balancing uses one or more techniques including service based (global load balancing) or hardware based, i.e. layer 4 to 7 switches, also known as a web switch, content switch, or multilayer switch to share traffic among a number of servers or web caches. Here the switch is assigned a single virtual IP address. 

Traffic arriving at the switch is then directed to one of the real web servers attached to the switch. This has the advantages of balancing load, increasing total capacity, improving scalability, and providing increased reliability by redistributing the load of a failed web server and providing server health checks. We make sure all clients get our content fresh off our AMD wire.

Newsroom and Editor Wire Feed Services

AMD Wire Services provide news and information to wireless operators, streaming dedicated clients, web sites, corporate and government desktops, information distributors and other commercial and new media applications.

With multimedia production resources and the ability to deliver information on a variety of technology platforms, AP Digital offers immediate access to breaking international, national and local news and topical features and creates interactive products using AP text, photos, graphics, audio and video and selected information from content partners. AP’s dynamic product portfolio also includes targeted industry-specific news packages and custom content categories that meet the information needs of specific audiences. Services are offered in English, Spanish, French, Dutch and German.

Featured services for Web sites and wireless services:

AMD / US News and Business Report Financial News
An enhanced business news service offering detailed US company and world market news, quarterly earnings announcements, coverage of executive changes, regulatory actions, mergers and acquisitions and new product developments for major companies in a full range of industries. AP Financial News goes beyond the top stories of the day to offer reliable, readable breaking coverage of top companies and financial markets around the world.

AMD / US News and Business Report Video Services
News videos produced by Associated Press Television News (APTN), and the AMD TV network are available through an online feed or hosted platform for Web sites and interactive services. Clips cover U.S. and international news, politics, entertainment, business and human-interest stories, plus daily one-minute world news and financial markets summaries.

Newsroom Integration Workflow

The key to the success of any modern newsroom is its ability to work with a wide variety of other products and systems supporting video, audio, graphics and other media types.




With run-order management for multiple scripts, multi-language compatibility and real-time on-prompter editing, it offers all the functionality required for demanding live broadcasts.

Key Features

  • Run-order management for multiple scripts
  • Multiple languages
  • Closed captioning/ subtitles
  • Real-time on-prompter editing
  • Simultaneous off-screen edit and prompt facility
  • On-screen preview panel

A range of optional licenses further enhance the software, enabling features such as newsroom connections and distance prompting from one location to another. More...