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Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren on Monday denounced the corruption she argues has crippled the country\'s politics and economy, drawing her largest crowd thus far in a sign of her campaign\'s growing strength.\n \n
A U.S. House of Representatives panel on Monday demanded documents from Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao as part of a new investigation into whether she has used her office to benefit a shipping company owned by her family.\n \n
Uber on Tuesday will begin limiting drivers\' access to its app in New York City to comply with regulation aimed at boosting drivers\' pay and easing congestion in Manhattan, laws that Uber says will have unintended consequences.\n \n
The U.S. Supreme Court last week allowed a Trump administration rule to temporarily take effect that will radically reduce the number of migrants eligible to seek U.S. asylum. Judges and asylum officers are now being directed to implement it.\n \n
California\'s governor on Monday ordered a public awareness campaign on health risks posed by a \"youth epidemic\" of vaping, but said he lacked authority to unilaterally ban flavored e-cigarettes that he said were deliberately marketed to children.\n \n
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Monday it has activated its emergency operations center to coordinate the investigation into hundreds of cases of severe lung illnesses linked to e-cigarette use.\n \n
Willie Elzy has been readying for a possible strike against General Motors Co for months and, pointing to a parking lot full of freshly built pickup trucks, he says it\'s clear the automaker has been preparing too.\n \n
Negotiators for General Motors Co and the United Auto Workers were continuing talks Monday afternoon to resolve a strike that shut down the automaker\'s highly profitable U.S. operations.\n \n
Con Edison and eight other U.S. utilities mostly from Democratic-led states have filed a legal challenge to the Trump administration\'s plan to cut carbon emissions from power plants, which replaces a much tougher Obama-era rule.\n \n
A group of women who said Jeffrey Epstein sexually abused them are not entitled to money damages from the United States even though federal prosecutors kept them in the dark about the financier\'s lenient non-prosecution agreement more than a decade ago, a Florida judge ruled on Monday.\n \n

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