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The big tech platforms are facing a challenge unlike any other as Australia moves to make them pay for news.
Donald J. Trump is not the only one departing.
President Biden’s first full day in office.
Has the U.S. hit a peak? Experts are divided. And President Biden signed a dozen executive orders or actions related to the pandemic.
A monoclonal antibody protected residents and staff members in facilities where the virus had appeared.
Julie Payette was Canada’s official head of state, a high-profile but largely ceremonial role. She was accused of publicly humiliating employees.
In a burst of climate orders, the president also ordered federal agencies to begin the process of reinstating environmental regulations reversed under the Trump administration.
Biden’s “wartime” virus strategy aims to ramp up vaccine supplies, increase testing and reduce contagion.
Such attacks, once common in the Iraqi capital, have become rarer in recent years as U.S.-backed Iraqi forces have largely defeated the Islamic State.
The former fashion executive’s defense team asked for more time after one of the two guarantors who put forward collateral raised suspicions.

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