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Eurovision acts are known for being one-hit wonders. Can this year’s contestants, most returnees from the canceled 2020 event, break the stereotype?
A booster dose of the Pfizer vaccine is effective against variants first identified in South Africa and Brazil. The European Union is considering supporting a patent waiver for Covid vaccines.
The eruption of anger in Colombia, where at least 24 have died as the government cracks down on the protests, could spread to other countries in the region that share the same combustible conditions.
Despite early vows, the developed world has done little to promote global vaccination, in what analysts call both a moral and epidemiological failure.
The secretary of State, Antony J. Blinken, noted that, despite a partial pullback by Moscow, “significant” military forces remained on the border. He also urged the Ukrainian president to tackle internal graft.
The police distributed a magazine denouncing “rumors and lies,” and have warned news outlets against undermining national security.
The head of the European Commission said the E.U. would consider proposals on waiving intellectual property rights, following the Biden administration’s reversal of U.S. policy.
In a social media post about visa applications, the consular section in Beijing posed a question that some critics called racist.
French fishing crews are threatening to blockade a port on the island of Jersey in a standoff over post-Brexit fishing rights in the waters nearby.

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