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The Olympics will allow 10,000 spectators.
In a new effort to punish the Lukashenko government for repression, Western countries jointly focused on industries crucial to the country, including potash and finance.
Ebrahim Raisi, Iran’s ultraconservative president-elect, said that he would not meet with President Biden, and that Tehran’s position on its ballistic missile program was “nonnegotiable.”
Who gets to enjoy the Asi, an exquisite squiggle of water? The question has come to symbolize the identity politics that divide Israeli society.
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed plunged Ethiopia into a war in the Tigray region that spawned atrocities and famine. On Monday, his country goes to the polls.
Requiring arriving travelers to stay at a government-approved hotel, often at a high cost, has been criticized as unduly burdensome.
Brazilians are paying more for electricity, dealing with the possibility of water rationing and expecting a destructive fire season in the Amazon in the worst dry spell in at least 90 years.
The leaders of Slovenia, Hungary and Poland, who rode to power on waves of anti-elitism anger, face rising opposition over their pandemic responses and heavy-handed policies.
Researchers in Israel have recently detailed progress in developing sensors that light up in the presence of a chemical linked to land mines and other deadly explosives.
Ebrahim Raisi, a close ally of the country’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has been accused of grave human rights violations.

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