Newsroom Integration Workflow

Deliver your story seamlessly with integrations that support your workflow from beginning to end

The key to the success of any modern newsroom is its ability to work with a wide variety of other products and systems supporting video, audio, graphics and other media types.


Autocue QMaster

Autocue has been providing teleprompters to the broadcast industry for decades. Autocue QMaster/QBox is the world's only IP-based prompting system offering unrivaled flexibility and redundancy.

QMaster is our fully featured teleprompting software application. With run-order management for multiple scripts, multi-language compatibility and real-time on-prompter editing, it offers all the functionality required for demanding live broadcasts.

Key Features

  • Run-order management for multiple scripts
  • Multiple languages
  • Closed captioning/ subtitles
  • Real-time on-prompter editing
  • Simultaneous off-screen edit and prompt facility
  • On-screen preview panel

A range of optional licenses further enhance the software, enabling features such as newsroom connections and distance prompting from one location to another.



Aveco ASTRA controls ingest for video, central storage and archive servers in a customizable data model fit to the specific needs of any newsroom, with a seamless ENPS connection. ASTRA allows journalists to easily view metadata, browse high resolution files, perform indexing and create subclips.

Manage the lifecycle of assets from acquisition through postproduction, on air live production and playout to archiving.

Integration with automation

No integration is needed. The MAM and other Aveco products use the same database, so instead of having island-oriented workflows that need to be interfaced, the workflows are naturally facility-wide. Everybody with the proper rights can see and use the MAM data, as well us be involved in the workflows.

Integration with 3rd party MAMs

Many 3rd party systems include local MAM or asset databases. ASTRA MAM uses the 3rd party APIs to integrate with them and to replicate the metadata. This allows the workflows to be spread across the facility without any system-to-system boundary.

Integration with 3rd party systems

Extended MOS protocol and Aveco plugins are used to integrate with NRCSs so that the journalists can enjoy the ease of ASTRA MAM operations. Traffic systems are integrated by using application interfaces to exchange metadata updates, asset status updates and any other information.

Workflow control

Ability to control the workflows through rules and asset status registered in the database is a strong point of AVECO MAM. The optimum level of workflow automation can be achieved so that only creative and supervision tasks are left on the operators. There is a whole variety of options for news production as well as entertainment playout that can be further customized and personalized to achieve the shortest time to air with minimum effort and minimum cost.

Hierarchical storage management

ASTRA MAM manages various storage systems within the facility distributed both horizontally and vertically within the workflows, with playout storage on the top and LTO archives at the bottom. ASTRA MAM is best suited to optimize the usage of the individual storage systems across the hierarchy (HSM), as it knows all playlists and thus it knows when each clip is to be used, and, when it will be be produced. The HSM is rule-based, manages redundancy storage and handles priorities of assets.


We offer ingest features for anything from archive digitization through file and metadata ingest, multi-camera baseband ingest with automatic and manual control that is fully integrated into your workflows.

Media browsing

Operators can browse the assets by using various tools. They can see the original clips by using the automation SDI browsing tools. ASTRA MAM also manages the low resolution proxy clips for desktop browsing. If the network infrastructure and storage bandwidth allows, high resolution browsing on the desktop is also available.

Derush and stitching

The ability to retrieve trimmed segments from original clips (derush) optimizes the storage and subsequent media processing.

The ability to create a new clip from a sequence of clip segments streamlines workflow and speeds up asset production.

Asset processing

Other workflow steps are available such as transcoding, adding/removing audio tracks, file based audio shuffling and loudness control, adding subtitling tracks or setting/resetting AFD flags and other embedded metadata.



Behind award-winning films, videos, music recordings, TV shows, live concerts, and news broadcasts are Avid solutions that help create, manage, store, distribute and monetize content.

Systems and options to organize, track, and maximize the value of your media


  • Avid Dialogue Search

    Easily find and preview any media clip based on spoken words or phrases in seconds

  • Interplay | MAM

    Unify and coordinate every aspect of media production with a comprehensive system

  • Interplay | MAM Foundation

    Get the core tools of Interplay | MAM in a streamlined, easy-to-integrate package

  • Interplay | Production

    Manage assets, collaborate, and automate workflows for high-volume media delivery

  • MediaCentral | Asset Management

    Advanced media asset management for news and post-production teams

  • MediaCentral | Editorial Management

    Robust file and workflow management for small to mid-sized creative teams

  • MediaCentral | Graphics Management

    Next-generation graphics asset management for news and sports production

  • MediaCentral | Production Management

    Advanced file and workflow management for mid-sized to large production teams


Bitcentral provides news production, master control and automation solutions that facilitate simplified broadcast and digital media workflows.

Story-First workflows that maximize the value of media, ensuring efficient newsroom production.

Fully integrated modular design toolset that executes all processes that converge into playout.

All-in-one efficient end-to-end digital content workflow.


BrainNews is a MOS-compatible on-air graphics control system, enabling news departments to integrate Brainstorm’s real-time 3D graphics engine into their workflow, without the need for constant input from designers.

BrainNews is a sophisticated MOS-compatible on-air graphics control system that enables News departments to integrate Brainstorm’s powerful real-time high-quality 3D graphics engine into their workflow without the need for continuous input from designers or the graphics department. With Brainstorm’s eStudio at its core, BrainNews allows journalists and producers with no prior 3D graphics knowledge to input data into pre-defined templates that are then updated in the system and added to a rundown list for immediate broadcast in the playout area.

Broadcast graphics workflows can be complicated, with content coming from many sources. BrainNews integrates and simplifies the process, supporting the playout of graphic and templates created in Brainstorm products such as eStudio or Aston 3D, or in other software packages such as Photoshop.

BrainNews supports Brainstorm’s SmartTemplates for easier data input and graphic updating. SmartTemplates also provide sophisticated replacement and transition effects as well as enable simple graphics to be combined to create more complex ones. This feature expands the graphics possibilities and flexibility of the newsroom, allowing faster on-air delivery. Data can be automatically retrieved and then modified from external data sources such as databases, spreadsheets and similar applications, or even RSS feeds, with such automation speeding the process and reducing the margin for error.


BroadStream Solutions develops forward-thinking, software-based, integrated playout solutions that combine automation, playout and graphics in a single, fully-integrated, playout platform.


CAMIO Universe from ChyronHego is a template-based asset management solution that provides a unified workflow around news graphics creation, production and playout.



ClassX develops high performance, reliable software and complex systems specialized to ensure a complete management of media and graphics for live events, data-based automated audiovisual content workflows, and other critical environments.


Compix is a broadcast graphics solution that allows all users within a newsroom computer system environment to directly insert computer graphic events into any news show script.


Crispin supplies master control automation and asset management solutions — including integrated digital archiving and cataloging — for broadcasters, cable operators and other television and media operations.


CueScript is home to the world's first complete IP-based prompting solution. CueScript's CueiT Software solution is an operator and production friendly prompting software for use in studio floor, newsrooms and corporate environments.

Digital Broadcast NewsBank

Digital Broadcast’s NewsBank is a newsroom system that automates the ingest, editing and playout functions of television news departments. NewsBank integrates its automation and server technology with craft editing software and ENPS to provide stations with flawless newscasts.

ENCO Systems

ENCO delivers world class broadcast solutions to thousands of television and radio broadcasters around the globe. ENCO’s DAD ActiveX modules allow users to have an embedded environment, which allows them to edit and playback audio, manage audio assets, and view a prompting display within ENPS.


EVS’ IPDirector offers broadcasters and producers a unique opportunity to boost their workflow’s speed and efficiency. The new content production management suite integrates extended features for live editing in HD, as well as in 3D.

Gallery Sienna

Sienna is a complete end-to-end digital media infrastructure for news, sports and production featuring a tightly integrated MOS connection to ENPS. Workflow elements including ingest, asset management, video editing integration, ENPS client integration, automation, playout and archive.

Grass Valley

Grass Valley provides broadcast solutions that help customers create, control and connect content wherever, however and whenever it is consumed.



HiTech Systems’ AViTA News Control system is available as an option to the AViTA production control system. Designed for news, sports and more, it consists of a MOS gateway, GUI and a range of ‘Betacart’ styled hardware control panels.



IBIS ServerPlay News for ENPS is a scalable, intuitive application offering ultimate flexibility for news playout. ServerPlay can control multiple video server ports from a single user interface.


Imagine Communications provides broadcasters, networks, video service providers and enterprises around the world with optimized, future-proof, multiscreen video and ad management solutions.


InterTech Media

InterTech Media's Vortal CMS is ideal for media-oriented websites — including browsers and apps — and is fully enabled for seamless bidirectional integration with ENPS.

Jutel RadioMan

RadioMan integration with ENPS is specifically designed for the modern radio newsroom, allowing journalists working with any news terminal to easily produce scripts, audio clips and rundowns for the shows played out in RadioMan.


Masstech provides innovative software solutions to help media organizations manage their valuable digital media content and related information throughout its lifecycle.


Media & Broadcast Technologies

The Phoenix suite is a premier solution for ingest, transmission and media management with a modular design that allows it to be integrated easily into the workflows of any size station.


NETIA, a GlobeCast company, provides software solutions that allow content holders to manage all of their processes from capture to editing to publishing across a variety of channels.


Combined with NewsMaker, NewTek TriCaster links stories and rundowns in ENPS to live or pre-recorded output for on-air or digital media. You can control all the video, audio, graphics and textual elements of your newscast.


NewsMaker is the automation bridge between ENPS and the NewTek TriCaster, which enables production elements like switcher effects, audio, IFB, graphics, clips routers and cameras to be placed directly in the ENPS rundown.

Pebble Beach Systems

Pebble Beach Systems' Neptune is a full scale transmission automation product designed to automate the acquisition and playout of programs commercials and trailers for a station.

Pixel Power

Pixel Power Control Centre is a MOS interface for the entire range of clarity standard and high definition character generators, providing automated asset management for graphical content across one or more playout systems. 


WinDigi's tight integration with ENPS enables it to control all of the features of the WinDigi prompter automatically, improving the efficiency of prompting in busy newsroom environments.


The FORK suite of software is a flexible platform that supports a wide variety of automated production workflows through customization of metadata fields, rules, triggers and scripts.


Ross Video designs, markets, manufactures and supports a wide range of video production and workflow management systems for use in broadcast and other live event production applications.

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SCISYS's suite of products provides a fully integrated television production workflow — from concept to airplay — through the powerful content management features of the dira! engine combined with seamless integration from production systems.

SI Media

MediaNewsPlay controls a wide variety of broadcast devices in a program control room, including decoders, master control switchers and even teleprompters through the MediaWay MOS gateway.


Samvad is a Windows-based teleprompting solution allowing for local language and unicode font support, as well as flexible use of color, style and control over stories and run orders.

Solid State Logic

Gravity offers broadcasters tools for content acquisition, preparation, production, media management and monitoring using a format and codec agnostic platform that allows ENPS users to work in any format, such as HD, SD, or streaming. 


Sony provides customized, future-proofed, solutions for broadcasters to help them shape, manage and share it in new and innovative ways.

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Synaptic Digital

TheNewsMarket is a global content distribution portal powered by Synaptic Digital that enables journalists and bloggers to tell their stories with video.


TVPROMPT Pro is a Windows-based package that combines a point-and-click interface with an intuitive on-screen display. It interfaces with ENPS to provide stand-alone prompting for presentation and general production in studio and on location.


Ventuz is a real-time graphics content creation, authoring and playout control software designed for high-end use in all areas of audiovisual content production. 


VidPresso Tabs is a fully automated on-screen promotion service that integrates with ENPS to show upcoming stories on-air via the built-in graphics engine, keeping viewers informed and ratings up.


Vizrt provides real-time 3D graphics, studio automation, sports analysis and asset management tools for the media and entertainment industry. This includes interactive and virtual solutions, animations, maps, weather, story and video editing, compositing, and multiplatform VOD and live playout tools.

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WASP3D is a networked, workflow-based and real-time 3D graphics solution for TV stations and post-production houses that helps users create, manage and playout spectacular 3D graphics.



eScript replaces paper scripts with live copy on iPads, delivered directly from ENPS via MOS.  Instead of cumbersome and expensive printing, eScript puts the entire show in reporters' hands — current and up-to-date as it changes.