Overview of package

1. Included is your full digital commercial production (click for full details)

Full 30 Second Digital Commercial Production 

1.) Full Voiceover Scripting: A professional TV commercial director will be scripting your TV commercial for your business. You can supply the script as you know your business better than we do, but we are here to create it from scratch if you wish. 

2.) Professional voiceover narration: A professional voiceover actor will vocalizing the scripting the director laid out on  storyboards for your TV commercial. *Some constraints apply. No celebrities or celebrity impressions are available. 

3.) Dynamic, moving textMasks, banners and other effects- We can stylize your message to add flare and motion to catch the eye. 

4.) Professional motion stills or full video(some supplied by customer, or from our archives) - AMD will produce a motion still commercial of a previous print ad you have done in the past, or utilize pictures and motion text from our vast library of content to create a new commercial for you from scratch. You may supply us with a full motion video that can be incorporated as well. 

5.) Music: Quality: Stereo or full Dolby 5.1 soundtrack for maximum impact. If you have a preference of genre we will be happy to accommodate. You can choose to have no music at all and just the voice-over message. 

6.) Video Proofing: We utilize an easy YouTube proofing system to eliminate any compatibility problems, or having to send large files back and forth.  

7.) Your commercial can be embedded: We will provide you with the embedding code so that your webmaster can embed your commercial into your website. We will also provide a direct link to the YouTube video as well.

8.) Full broadcast readyThe final commercial will be ready for broadcast on any internet program, cable or broadcast
TV network.

9.) Your commercial will be posted: Your final approved version will be posted on YouTube with SEO tabs and keywords, and made public. This gets your business commercial up  in the rankings, and many times on the front page of Google and other large search engines because YouTube is a large preferred content provider and search engines rank videos much higher than regular sites. 

10.) Free Storage in all Formats: We store your commercial in all formats for 5 years, so anytime you need it for any  project or airing compatibility needs, we will also assist in converting and digitally sending a copy of your spot for you.

11.) Full ownership : You have full ownership and copyright privileges to the commercial, including FULL UNLIMITED  play voice over rights <what does this mean?> Many times you have to pay royalties to a voice over talent actor each each time a commercial is aired. This package includes the larger voice-over buyout fee, and your copyright release is given after approval.

2. 30,000 Impressions over 3 months time on the Intelligent Hyper Targeting WebAdz system (click for full details)

What is the Webadz System, and why is it so effective?

It Is similar to the Google re-targeting system, as it sends ads based on search subjects, but that is where the similarities end. 

Our WebAdz precision hyper -targeting intelligent platform utilizes the most accurate data, with 100 data points per second. It monitors and senses when someone is searching or chatting online about your product or services, searching or speaking on Facebook posts and other social media platforms, then locks on to those devices (people) and plays your video for them as soon as they visit one of the sites we service. (currently 95% of all sites that air video) Roku, streaming TV, internet, all platforms are included.

Your  ad video is played before they watch the video they came to the site to watch (pre-roll), similar to when you visit a site to watch a video or movie, and a commercial plays beforehand. When someone is interested in utilizing your services while watching your ad they click on your video to go to your site, or a banner we provide. 

Extremely versatile demographic settings: Webadz actively targets your perfect demographic audience to ensure you are reaching the perfect customer base, utilizing such options as geographic, demographic, search behavioral targeting, income, rent or own, and many more. There are options to play on only select software and mobile platforms as well. Most ads have to be purchased site by site or in a blast hoping someone in the area that happens to fall in your perfect customer's demographic watches the commercial. No hoping here. 

Guaranteed Impression: If someone does not watch at least 16 seconds of your video, you do not get charged for that impression. Almost all other companies charge you for the impression the second the commercial starts, or plays for several seconds. 

Only full Cross platform system in the marketplace: This system delivers your marketing message instantly across premium online commercial inventory on the largest cross platform system.  PC Computers, Mac, Mobile,  Android™ and iOSdevices, set-topboxes, game consoles, smart TV's, and ROKU consoles. No other system delivers to more platforms. 

Unique or repeat impressions: You can choose if you would like only unique people to see your ad, or have your commercial repeat a specific number of times for the same person for branding purposes. 

Customers click through to your site: Potential customers can either click directly on your commercial as it is playing, or on a banner near the video that links to your website or link of your choice, so that they can directly find out more information about your products and services. All the clicks are measured for your report.

3. Performance Report sent after run is completed

A full report is sent approximately 2 weeks after the final impression. 

The report includes: Click count, conversion rate, play times, percentage of clicks VS plays and device types

(this is a short example showing only a couple of weeks - full 3 month daily report will be available)